September 28, 2017
The Howard Theatre
620 T Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

International Interior Design Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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Team members shall be from a single firm; each team must have at least two, but no more than five, members (including your model), at least two team members must be IIDA members in current standing. This year’s event will feature a total of 25 design teams. Each design team has the option to have 2 models. Please note that the first 25 teams whose sponsors submit their completed online registration will be entered into the competition. Each firm shall be responsible for finding its own sponsor. Only one team per design firm will be allowed to enter the competition. Five event tickets will be provided to each sponsor, to be used by each design team member.


Every firm will partner with only one manufacturer or vendor of materials related to the built environment design industry. Each manufacturer may contribute material valued up to $500 net. A list of products used on each garment will be required as part of the design team submittal along with a brief explanation of the design concept.


Each team will design and fabricate its couture piece; no outside tailors or seamstresses may be used. The garment must be made of at least 85% of materials from the sponsoring manufacturer or vendor. Garments should be tasteful and respectful. When designing your garment, please note that multiple models will be on a six-foot wide runway at the same time — please plan the scale of your garment accordingly. Be aware that the models will have to travel an entire flight of stairs in order to reach the back-stage area. Make sure to keep that in mind as you design and fabricate your garments, and as your model gets ready on the day of the event.


Outside professional stylists may be used for these aspects of the design and are the responsibility of the design team. Design teams are also encouraged to contact local beauty schools and consider the participation of their students for both hair and make-up design. It will be the responsibility of each team to identify a beauty school and make all arrangements directly. *RULE CHANGE* Please note, the evening of the event, teams/models must come 80% ready with hair and make-up complete. Only two team members (with tickets) may be in the dressing room with the model. NO HAIR/MAKE-UP ARTISTS are allowed backstage.  We have space limitations and appreciate your understanding. Should this be an issue for your team, please coordinate having your hair and make-up done before coming to the venue on the day of the event.


Design teams may not choose their music that they walk to. Music selections are all made by the DJ.  The order in which the design teams will walk the runway will be provided ahead of time.


A sketch of the garment design must be submitted to the Cosmo Couture Organizing Committee for design review and use during the runway show presentation. Please also include a brief written description about your team’s interpretation of the theme when designing the garment along with the list of materials used.  DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE NAME OF YOUR FIRM (LOGO), YOUR SPONSOR AND TEAM MEMBERS NAMES. The sketches will not be released for public viewing prior to the event. The inspirational sketch and the written submission components will be published on the event website after the evening of the event. Each team shall submit the information as follows:

  1. One 8-1/2” x 11” page (portrait orientation) in PDF format to include the garment sketch, the design concept description, list of materials used, firm/logo, design team members and sponsor.
  2. A separate high resolution file of the garment sketch ONLY, on a white background, in JPEG format.

All submissions shall be emailed to DC Cosmo Couture committee at


All models shall plan on arriving at the venue at 3:00 PM on the day of the event in other to participate in the runway rehearsal. A day of timeline will be provided closer to the event date.  The models’ assistants (no more than two people) may also gain access to the venue at the same time. Note that everyone will need to present an event ticket in order to enter the venue — including the model and the team members.

Design team members will be photographed with their manufacturing sponsors prior to the runway show. A dressing room coordinator will inform the models when and where to meet their team mates and sponsors. Once the photographs are taken, the models will return to the dressing room.


Designers should contact if your team has any questions or need additional information.

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